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Masterclass on Diet & Nutrition

This course can no longer be booked.

  • Starts Jun 20
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Masterclass 1: Foundations of Nutrition for Women Understanding Macronutrients and Micronutrients: The roles and sources of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Understanding Calories for Weight Loss Special Nutritional Considerations for Women: Iron, calcium, folate, and other essential nutrients. Reading and Understanding Nutrition Labels: How to interpret labels to make healthier choices. The Hype around Protein: do we really need it and how much ? Masterclass 2: Optimal Diet for Emotional and Digestive Health Part 1: Nutritional Psychology and Emotional Well-being How nutrients affect neurotransmitter functions and mood. Identifying foods that help reduce stress and enhance mood stability. Part 2: Managing Digestive Health and Food Sensitivities Identifying and Managing Common Food Sensitivities: Strategies for pinpointing and adjusting diets around sensitivities like lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity. The Role of Diet in Inflammation: How to structure an anti-inflammatory diet to manage chronic pain or autoimmune conditions. Gut Health as Central to Overall Health: Importance of a balanced gut microbiome, and foods that promote digestive health, including probiotics and prebiotics. Masterclass 3: Practical Meal Planning and Preparation Creating a Balanced Meal Plan: Examples of daily and weekly meal plans. Shopping Smart: How to shop for groceries effectively and economically. Meal Prep Strategies: Preparing meals in advance to save time and ensure nutritional goals are met. Masterclass 4: Supplements and Women’s Health The Role of Supplements: When are they necessary and what to consider. Key Supplements for Women What’s important and what’s overhyped ? Adjusting our diet based on our monthly cycle Masterclass 5: Movement and Physical Health Exercise as a Part of Daily Life: Incorporating movement into your routine. Types of Exercises Beneficial for Women: Cardio, strength training, flexibility exercises. Masterclass 6: Mindset, Self-love, and Mental Health Importance of mindset during a diet; identity shift to becoming a fit healthy person Stress management and its impact on physical health. Building a Positive Body Image: Embracing self-love.

Cancellation Policy

All sessions are scheduled in Pacific time. We ask that you keep this within your awareness at time of booking. *There are no refunds being offered or honored for this series*

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