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Personal & Property sessions

  • 2 hr
  • 300 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

* In a house clearing, the Feng Shui principles may be included. So In your house blessing you may receive printable information with the bagua sections and additional pages for tips and personal notes. *You also get my intuitive and practical guidance with observations to assist in navigating areas of the bagua of your property's energy while sensing if there is an energy block or heaviness. House Blessing ~ Clearing is the opportunity to shift your home’s energies. There are a variety of tools which are very powerful for both clearing and blessing your space. As we work together, I call upon my intuition, and both our spiritual guides and non-denominational angels to discover what will work best for you. Why Choose a House Clearing Do you feel things like cold spaces, an energy is pushing you downstairs, or just feel something is really off? That often means there is an energy in our home. Remember, not all energy is negative and yet there are times when things happen, and you know there is something more negative or stagnant. Emotions can carry in energy we can feel. Sometimes we have something we may perceive as a negative entity, yet it is just an emotional energy that is hanging around. My ability to see energies brings in a perspective which helps you navigate the rest of your life. Clarifying definitions Energy, as I see it, is in everything and a part of everything. When I talk about energy, I am also talking about talking about our emotions, as in my perception, emotions have an energy component. There are lighter and heavier energies. Some people use the words positive and negative or light and dark to describe how they perceive energy. ‘Negative’ energy can offer us the opportunity to find new balance and create lighter more ‘positive’ energy. Negative energies can be great teachers. When we feel someone has a ‘bad’ energy around them, like when they are mad, we can realize our own need to redefine our personal boundaries. I can help you discover how to clear those unwanted energies, and NOT take on the other person’s energy or allow it to effect YOURS in a negative way. Another example is when there is ‘something,’ I will use the word example of an ‘Angel’, they are light, yet many people believe in something darker like the ‘devil’ or an ‘entity’ which could be negative, or heavy energy. There are heavy energies out there that can have dark purposes which do not necessarily align with our purpose.

Cancellation Policy

All sessions are scheduled in Pacific time. We ask that you keep this within your awareness at time of booking. *There are no refunds being offered or honored for this series*

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