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We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them

-Albert Einstein

Our Services

Kathryn specializes in unification and prioritizes the betterment of our communities' wellbeing. Recognizing that each person has a unique history and story, her focus is on bringing people together and rebuilding strained community relationships, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic and lockdown. With an aptitude for discerning patterns within various contexts, she navigates towards equitable solutions for all involved. Kathryn's network of healing professionals supports individuals in pursuing a brighter future, where they can define and achieve success, happiness, and healing on their own terms.

Tisarah is our nutrition coach and talented professional chef. She recognizes the vital role of nutrition in overall well-being, and she empowers our clients to make the best food choices within their means. We understand the challenges of accessing healthy food, particularly for those facing financial constraints. Through her guidance and support, she helps clients optimize their nutrition and demonstrate that positive changes in diet can transform their bodies and well-being.


Katie, our Quantum Biofeedback therapist assists individuals in managing various physical and mental health conditions, including trauma. Everything is in a natural state of vibration, and when frequency can be measured, it can be identified and shifted. The Biofeedback system utilized, converts sound information into a specially generated and custom-tailored algorithm which uses tonal frequencies designed to create harmony in your energy field and reduce stress disturbances in the body. The custom balancing frequencies are then administered allowing you to achieve the following results: Stress reduction, improved energy levels, address pain and imbalances in the body, identify sensitivities, and promotes relaxation.

Katie also offers Qigong, a system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training. Pronounced “chi gong,” qi gong is an internal process that has external movements. Qi means “life force,” the energy that powers our body and spirit. Gong is the term meaning work or gather. Qi Gong together means a form of movement and mind using intention and mindfulness to guide qi to make qi work.

Steve is our licensed Hypnotherapist. He helps individuals manage and address various mental and emotional issues, including trauma. By embarking on a transformative journey towards mental and emotional wellness, he helps you harness your power by guiding you through your healing process. This empowers you to overcome setbacks and reclaim your life. With tailored sessions to your unique needs, you are ensued a customized healing experience; all in a safe and supportive environment. You will experience a nurturing space where you can openly explore your emotions and fears that defines your unique resilience.

Becky Hawk is our Referral Partner. She specializes in organizational networking, referrals, event planning, and much more. If you are interested in reaching out to her, you can contact her via email or call her directly at: (206) 571-5882.



Katelyn is our Dawning Network provider. She owns Curran Compass Coaching and is located in central Florida. She provides trauma informed personal coaching to help those who have experienced traumatic events and are feeling stuck in their healing process. She can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to book a session with her, please reach out via email.

Wendelin Dunlap is our Dawning Network provider and is a talented life coach, mentor, consultant and advocate, where she empowers unique individuals and their advocates by unlocking exceptional potential to change the world with outstanding contributions. People with disability or mental health diagnoses, including ADHD, autism, and other neurodivergent traits, possess unique qualifications.

Whether harnessing the power of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), requesting reasonable accommodations, or learning new skills, her focus is promoting accessibility to help those with diagnoses. She draws inspiration from personal experience, thriving with multiple diagnoses. Her goal is to shift the narrative, transforming perceived limitations into vast opportunities. Join her in creating a future where unique brains and abilities are affirmed, cherished and equipped to realize their extraordinary potential. You can visit her website here.

Christina Renee is one of our newest Dawning Network providers. Her purpose and mission in life is to simply share the gifts she has received from the Universe. Her spiritual journey began in 2008, when she hit a rock bottom and went to treatment for an eating disorder.  Her struggle with addiction is what ultimately led her back to heart.  She recovered from alcohol and drug addiction in 2013 and since then it has been her pleasure and joy to carry the messages and share her experience, strength, and hope with others as to guide them back to themselves, back to their hearts, and reignite their connection with their heart and with God. 


Christina shares her experience, strength, and hope through speaking, hosting a podcast, coaching, workshops and events, and any other way the universe guides her to do so.  Her dedication and devotion to love and truth are what guides the way for her to inspire and assist others to find their own unique path.  By living a heart-centered life in alignment with the truth of who she is, she leads others on their own journey to do the same through love, passion, joy, and laughter.  



YouTube @chrissytalks


Connect with Christina on social media:

Facebook:  | Instagram:  

LinkedIn:  |  TikTok:

Genevieve is a multi-generation psychic/medium, certified hypnotherapist, certified LaHoChi energy practitioner and an Evolutionary Astro-Numerologist. Her hypnosis sessions offered are past life regressions, soul journeys, and inner child work. She also offers detailed dream analysis.

Diane Goble is one of our newest Dawning Network providers. Diane became a transpersonal spiritual counselor following a profound near-death experience by drowning while white water river rafting in 1971. She returned to education and during the five  decades since, she became a pioneer in the fields of stress management, mind-body-spirit healing, past-life regression therapy, conscious dying, death with dignity, death doula training, and now... meditation art.



She has accomplished writing a number of books over the years and has had an online presence since 1998. During COVID, she took up abstract acrylic pouring attempting to describe more of her ineffable NDE. What she found while mindlessly contemplating these abstract patterns that seem to move and morph and transform, that sometimes tell a story or provide a solution to problems, is that allows the conscious mind to shut down and the subconscious to play amongst the changing patterns and flowing images.



Students will experience how to use the paintings yourself so you can teach your clients this form of active meditation to activate/increase creativity, help with problem-solving, manage stress, get out of one’s head for a while.


As practitioners, you will also learn how to increase your profits through selling my artwork and personal and lifestyle products with my artwork printed on them (relaxation triggers) to your clients.

Your healing is our mission. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being, personal growth, and the realization of your full potential. Together, we can overcome the obstacles that have held you back and unlock a brighter future.

Are you passionate about Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial and over-all wellness?

Do you have the calling to make a difference? Do you offer a healing service that is not currently listed?

Reach out to experience the Dawning difference.

The Dawning Network:
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